Kelly helped me identify my best skills and most impressive achievements from a formerly very unorganized and confusing resume and LinkedIn profile.

Paige Bennett, Freelance Journalist
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Leave the anxiety, pressure, and demands of a job search behind.

Whether you have a streamlined trajectory or have explored different paths, I weave your experience into a cohesive, genuine career story that showcases your successes, impresses decision makers, and gives you the confidence you need to land the job you want.

Every successful job search starts with a successful resume.

According to Glassdoor:

Companies receive an average of


resumes per job posting.

Recruiters spend an average of


seconds reviewing a resume.

How my resume writing services help you land your dream job.

Keyword Optimization

Hiring managers are inundated with hundreds of resumes, so strategically placed, well-researched keywords are critical to: 1) show up and stand out in resume searches and 2) hold recruiters’ attention. By weaving keywords into your background, skills, and results-driven accomplishments, decision-makers will stop searching and start calling YOU.
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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Compliance

Roughly 75% of companies use ATS software to filter and rank resumes before humans ever see them. There are specific guidelines to help ensure ATSs can read your resume correctly. By knowing which hoops to jump through, your resume will get a stamp of approval from electronic gatekeepers and move forward to impress decision makers.
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E-cover Letter

In today’s job market, a concise and compelling cover letter designed for email is the best way to grab decision makers’ attention. Think of it as a preview—an opportunity to share who you are, highlight your experience, and get hiring managers excited to read your resume and meet you in person!
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Custom ATS-compliant Design

When you know the strict ATS software template requirements, it’s easy to incorporate visuals. From charts to graphs to strategically placed graphics, adding visual interest to emphasize results-driven information allows your accomplishments to leap off the page and land you on top of the interview list.
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Interview Follow-up Email

It can be nerve-racking to email hiring managers after an interview. However, follow-up emails are much more than just a “thank you. They’re a tool to reiterate your strengths as they relate to the position, elaborate on any topics discussed, and leave a positive, lasting impression on interviewers.
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Professional Biography

Designed to complement your resume, a “bio” is a powerful tool to convince decision makers that you’re the best candidate. From your management philosophies to the nuances behind your milestones, bios are a platform to elaborate on your experience in a more narrative format, giving you a competitive edge.
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Optimized LinkedIn profiles turn into job offers.

According to a recent Jobvite recruiter survey:

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of all job opportunities are posted on LinkedIn.

0123456789001234567890                     %

of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet candidates.

How my LinkedIn profile services help you land your dream job.

LinkedIn Profile “About” Section

Think of your LinkedIn “About” section as your elevator pitch. It’s your chance to connect with and influence decision makers in your own words. By combining brand messaging, strategic keywords, results-driven achievements, and insights, we’ll create a cohesive, engaging narrative that boosts engagement and serves as talking points you can use to nail your interviews.
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LinkedIn Profile Optimization

According to LinkedIn, optimized profiles are 40x more likely to appear in searches. However, in addition to keywords, LinkedIn uses specific criteria to rank profiles. By checking all the boxes, you’ll boost your profile viability, keep recruiters engaged, and get decision makers excited to meet you in person.
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Custom LinkedIn Banners

If you want to stand out from the 675 million LinkedIn users, a graphic, eye-catching banner is crucial. Think of your LinkedIn banner as a career billboard. It’s your first opportunity to grab decision makers’ attention and entice them to learn more about what makes you the perfect candidate.
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1:1 LinkedIn Coaching Session

While optimizing your LinkedIn profile increases your visibility and interview invites, utilizing the program’s full capabilities speed up the hiring process. In just one 1-hour LinkedIn coaching session, you’ll learn how to establish your brand, automate aspects of your job search, and effectively leverage the platform to attract hiring managers for the jobs you really want.
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Cut Your Job Search Time in Half

Of job seekers who have contracted with a professional resume writer,

0123456789001234567890                     %

find a new role in fewer than 90 days.


Attract Hiring Managers

ATS optimization is critical to ensure resumes make it to humans because

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of companies use ATS to auto-filter and rank resumes.

Rake in Those Interviews

Job seekers that have strategically optimized LinkedIn profiles are

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more likely to appear in searches.

Show hiring managers you’re the candidate they’ve been searching for.

My career services supercharge your job search by taking out the guesswork and putting you on the fast track to an exciting job offer.